Sing Your Heart Out

Singing Lessons in Temple, TX

Sing your heart out!  Kids AND Adults find comfort and camaraderie in singing together.

Each lesson, whether online or in person, gets a healthy dose of TLC.  We focus on:

  • Technique- Get the know-how that moves you from pitchy to performance ready.
  • Lesson- Receive instruction intended to enhance your skills.
  • Creativity- Inspire your talents to exceed your expectations.

No matter your music style, no matter your singing ability- we invite you to lift your voice in harmony with us and Pursue Your Passion for Music at Kenya’s Keys.

Such a creative fellow teacher who works hard to find the best for her students!

Judy N.

Violin Judy


From the warm-up to the wind-down, ear-training and engaging exercises abound as we work together to transform you into a vibrant vocalist.  We will find the happy place for your singing voice and prepare you to move from stage fright to fierceness.  Through a sequenced study that focuses on unifying the mind, body, and spirit as one instrument you’ll find out what that Do, Re, Mi stuff is all about.  You’ll then apply that know how to your favorite songs for singing them in ways that will fascinate and captivate your audience. Get ready to see your talents dazzle and delight!


The ideal student (or Treble Maker as we call ourselves) is anyone who can sit and listen, receive coaching and instruction, and is dedicated to the ongoing process of learning.  Again, we don’t look at age or ability.  If you’re passionate about music, we want to fan that flame so that it burns brightly throughout your lifetime.


Lessons are given primarily, in a group format vs private format.  We blend technology alongside tried and true methods that allow your talents to stretch, grow, and shine.  Lessons are even provided online!  Curious about why we prefer group lessons over private lessons?  Check out our blog post here that tackles misconceptions about group lessons.


Gone are the days of paying “by the lesson”.  Monthly tuition is all-inclusive and even includes performance opportunities at no additional cost. Find our current tuition rates and the great value of instruction you receive at Kenya’s Keys.  We’re not one to brag on ourselves very often and would rather let our Treble Makers and their families tell you why they come here. You can read some of their reviews HERE  or watch a video of them HERE.


Fill out this form or call us now and we will get you started on your dream of singing the way you have always wanted.

Kenya is energetic, professional and focused on the success of each of her students.  Highly recommend her studio!

Kris S.

Owner, KiddyKeys Preschool Piano & Music