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At Kenya’s Keys, we safely SEEK ADVENTURE and promise to deliver an exciting learning experience.  We DREAM BOLDLY and move ideas to action as we help you reach your music milestones.  We DISCOVER BY DOING by responsibly using today’s  technology along with tried and true methods.  Our highly skilled staff respects your unique CREATIVITY and will be there to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE you on your musical journey.

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Great place for kids to learn and bring their talent out.

Nathan, father of Kovsheek, pianist

I just love, love, love singing lessons with you!
Patricia R.

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What I love most about the work we do at Kenya’s Keys, LLC is being a part of helping others transform into the musician they’ve always wanted to be- especially when they discover they’ve always had the capacity for greatness within themselves.

Takenya Battle

Music forever changed Takenya Battle’s world the moment she took her first piano lesson in the 4th grade. Takenya spent her childhood and teenage years singing her way to state level competitions and played her way through several churches and bands. By the time Takenya attended college at Florida A&M University, on a full academic scholarship, she had already led her own bands and performed extensively. 

While there in Tallahassee, FL, Takenya was afforded a stellar education in drumming, woodwinds, and strings, although Classical Piano and Classical Voice were her primary instruments of study. College semesters often entailed singing and performing in Italian, French, and German.  Negro spirituals and English songs were also required learning.  The semester wasn’t complete without accompanying someone as well as performing a piece by Chopin, Haydn, Beethoven, or Rachmaninoff.

Upon graduating Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education, Takenya began her 14-year tenure as a Dallas music educator.  There she led well over 11,000 students to aspire for higher in their musicianship. Students wonderfully dipped, dove, sung, swayed, and played their way to be able to cultivate their crafts with great ease and finesse.  Takenya is a published composer who maintains her State Board of Education certificate as a certified All-Level Music Instructor.

Learning is a continuous and enjoyable quest for Takenya as she is currently pursuing a Master Certificate in Music Production and Technology from Berklee College of Music Online.  She is earning straight A’s, and is expected to graduate in 2017.  During her studies, Takenya has written and produced music for high-profile podcasts and business owners and is the author of several books related to music instruction.

Takenya also serves our country as an Active Duty Reservist.  When on duty, Takenya uses her musical skills and specialized training to serve in a hospital environment- even when no formal hospital may exist.  Blessed with three children who came through her and three children who came to her, Takenya and her husband, James, live and work in Temple, TX.

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