Adult Piano and Voice Lessons

Okay, we’re all adults here and it’s about time we all started acting like an adult!  Now I don’t know what that may look like for you, but for me, it means taking advantage of opportunities as best as I can when they present themselves.  Right now, you’re being given the chance to move your musicality forward.  What are you gonna do with that option?  Look here, we’re not getting any younger and the hands on a clock will continue to tick and tock.  While we’re here, why not go right on ahead and enjoy being able to make such incredibly wonderful sounds with our singing and playing?  If you’re still breathing, then it’s not too late to learn.  Let’s go!

Group Lessons

Parallel Keys 1 & 2

Beginners Group Piano Class

Parallel Keys is the 90-minute adult beginners group piano lesson that uses Adult Piano Adventures Book 1.   Over the course of 8 fantastic weeks, we’ll break the 16 units in your book down into 2 bite-sized 8-week sections. Upon completion of Parallel Keys 1 & 2  you will then move to the more advanced Parallel Motion 1 & 2.

Parallel Motion 1 & 2

Advanced Adult Group Piano Class

Let’s keep the music momentum rolling in Parallel Motion 1 & 2.  We’ll take 90 harmonious minutes to continue to elevate your musicianship and we’ll dive deeper into your skill set using Adult Piano Adventures Book 2.  These 16 units are taught over the course of two 8 week sections to give you time to expand the wealth of knowledge you attained in Parallel Keys 1 & 2.

Harmophonic Funk

Adult Accompanied Choir

Pump up the volume and get in the groove in this chordal collective of adult singers.  Scientists say that joining a choir (vs joining other social groups) is one of the fastest ways to make new friends.  Don’t take their word for it- find out for yourself.  You don’t have to be the greatest singer in the world in order to have the greatest time here. All generally happy and upbeat persons are welcome.

Sweet Harmony

Adult Acapella Choir

We’ve got group and solo singing without instrumental accompaniment on lock here in this acapella adult chorus.  Come be aca-awesome (sorry, not sorry) with fellow lovers of the unaccompanied voice.  Relieve the stress of the day as you sing old favorites, pop hits, original tunes, and seasonal favorites with people who actually look forward to the sounds that are coming out of your mouth.

Private and Online Lessons

Pedal Pushers and Vibrant Voices

Adult Private Piano and Private Voice Lesson

Pedal Pushers and Vibrant Voices are one hour long private or online piano or voice lessons that occur at the same time on the same day weekly.  We can get really deep here as we work together to build your confidence, hone in on your unique sound and flair, and give you the opportunity to create in a safe space that respects your individuality.

Exclusive Offerings

Flex & Flow

Flex and Flow is a composite music lesson for the vocalist or pianist with shifting momentum.  You will receive a weekly one-on-one lesson in combination with a video lesson and/or online lesson.  Hey, we get it! Life calls for flexibility and this lesson type certainly allows you the opportunity to get it where you fit in!  This exclusive offering has a unique combination of partially private and partially online instruction (via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, etc). Flex & Flow allows you the flexibility to flow right into the method that works best for you and your needs.

Workshops and Camps

Various workshops and camps are held periodically to give you the tools you need to succeed!