This song was a childhood favorite of mine. I didn’t have the language at the time to explain why I liked this song so much- I just knew that I liked the way the sounds moved.

As an adult, I find fulfillment in believing this song helps me to hold on to hope for all our tomorrows. I see you. You’re doing the best that you can given the circumstances. Grant yourself some grace and look towards tomorrow, okay?

Updated Closure Dates

We will be closed September 7-11. Please adjust your calendars accordingly. Click here to download the 2020/2021 Kenya’s Keys Calendar.

Next Performance Opportunity

Please save the date of Saturday, October 24th as our next performance opportunity. Students have already begun to choose the songs they wish to perform- “Free”, “3 Little Birds”, “Despacito”, and “Rise Up” to name a few.  This will be another virtual recital like our first one this past May.

Back to School Scheduling

Your current lesson day/time will remain the same.  If any conflicts arise as we all figure out our new schedules please let me know as soon as possible so I can do my best find a mutually agreeable slot for your lessons.

New Staff Member

Way back in the 1980’s, I was in the fourth grade.  I signed up for piano lessons only because my cousins and I wanted to be in the same class as one another. Who knew that decision would lead to life long opportunities for myself as a musician and educator? I can’t wait to introduce you guys to the woman who introduced me to my first instrument. Stay tuned!

New Tool

Missed music lessons are inevitable. We’ve had a policy of no make up lessons for quite some time. is a tool that will help mind the gap of the occasional missed lesson. Once logged in, you’ll find tons of music lessons right at your fingertips. As I continue to build lessons on this program, this tool will be used to extend learning as well and provide greater opportunities for hybrid instruction and learning. What I like about this tool so far, is that:

  1. There’s nothing to download
  2. It’s accessible on any device
  3. Students can record themselves directly into the secured platform

More details to come!

A Few More Notes

There will be no tuition rate increase for the remainder of 2020.  Per our policy, tuition increase may happen annually, however, due to the current global circumstances, all tuition rates will be frozen through the end of the year.

Some of you may see an additional charge on September’s invoice.  It is the annual enrollment fee that helps cover the cost of sheet music, access to apps like Piano Maestro, and lesson books delivered to your door or mailbox among other related business expenses.  The charge is $30/student or $50/family.

We believe that music lessons should be accessible for all children and for years we have partnered with The MusicLink Foundation in order to make that happen.