As an entrepreneur, you already move to your own beat in life.  Now you can have your very own custom soundtrack that reflects your rhythm and flow in the business world.

Custom Music Production

Exclusive Packages

Your exclusive synchronization license grants you permission to use our custom music for one specific project (i.e. background, intro music for videos, vlogs, podcasts or short social media ads, etc).  All music arrives as a download available in both .mp3 and .wav format and works in any video editor.  We own the music and may use the music we create for advertising purposes.

Custom Intro Music Includes:

  • Up to 30 seconds
  • Additional track length, $100/minute
  • Up to 5 instruments
  • Each additional instrument, $75

One Project

  • Original music
  • 1st edit, $0
  • Additional edits, $30
  • $150

Multiple Usage

  • Use one project in multiple places
  • Show brand unity across platforms
  • $300

As an entrepreneur, you already move to your own beat in life.  Now you can have your very own custom soundtrack that reflects your rhythm and flow in the business world.

Takenya is a musical genius who understands how to capture the essence of a brand and set it to a melody. People respond to music beyond any other sensory stimulation and Takenya knows how to elicit a response that will take your business and your brand to the next level.
Dave Anderson

"The Business Bully" Top Motivational Speaker, 3 time #1 Bestselling Author, and Host of The Business Bully Show, The Business Bully

Business Bully Theme

by Takenya Battle

With our stress free licensing we’ll create the perfect original soundtrack for your Youtube channel, digital ads, podcasts and more.  Release yourself from finding the right music for your project.

Takenya is an innovative music producer. She has an eye and an ear for music. She saw my brand and created a soundtrack that compliments me and my brand perfectly. I’d highly recommend Takenya’s custom branded music tracks to anyone that wants to stand out from the crowd. I love my theme song!
LaNée Javet

"The Mogul Motivator", Top Motivational Speaker and Host of Mogulvation TV, The Mogul Institute

Mogulvation Theme

by Takenya Battle

Hear Our Work

We’ll listen to your vision for how your business should sound.  Give us a listen and hear the music production work we’ve done for others.  We look forward to crafting an aural version of your brand.


Enhance Your Brand

Increase your brand profile and elevate audience perception of your business.  Make every touch point special and unique with custom music.

Boldly Represent

When you use an original music production from Kenya’s Keys, LLC, you are declaring your product or service to truly be like no other. Position your business accordingly.

Be Recognized

Make your business the earworm of your industry.  Get into your audience’s heart and mind with a soundtrack that has the spirit and energy of your company.

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