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“Is My Child Ready for Music Lessons?”

This book is for you if you’ve seen your child:

  • Making up songs to sing or play without being asked to do so
  • Totally jamming HARD when a certain song comes on
  • Mimicking other performers and then creating original moves
  • Reaching their own personal zen through the sheer joy of music-making

After answering the Top 10 Questions Parents Ask, you’ll learn 30 easy-to-do-almost-anywhere activities for music exploration, discover books, and identify instruments for every age from the womb through young adulthood.

Parents will learn how to:

Ignite & Excite- Uncover the joys in music-making

Engage & Enjoy- Attract more independent involvement in budding musicians

Enroll & Excel- Shine and sharpen your child’s talents

Evolve & Emerge- Recognize when it may be time to move on to something else

“10 Reasons Why Piano Scales are Important”

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