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If you’ve made it to this page, then making better music today is certainly on your mind. Congrats to you for taking the steps to move your musicianship forward.

Our Superstar musicians come because they are looking to enhance their talents and want an instructor who can guide them along the way.

Our Superstar musicians stay because each lesson receives personalized instruction designed to help you unleash your inner Superstar.

How to Enroll at Kenya’s Keys

Get ready for a musical journey that hits all the right notes!  Follow these steps:

  • Complete the Enrollment Form below
  • We’ll call you in 48 business hours to schedule your lesson time
  • Set up your space for an optimal online experience
  • Unleash your inner Superstar at your lesson

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Superstar Benefits

As a Superstar at Kenya’s Keys, we provide you with personalized instruction that is designed to help you unleash your inner Superstar.

Our proprietary TLC method helps you to:

  • eliminate confusion over music symbols
  • save time with improved technique
  • flex your creative muscle

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