Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen her at work.  She is the real deal and I’d recommend her to anyone looking to get to the next level.
Kareem P.

What is Kenya’s Keys All About?

Kenya’s Keys couples classic wisdom with today’s technology in ways that help you boost your confidence, master your favorite instrument, and unleash your inner superstar. 

No more dull, stuffy, boring music lessons!

Our signature K.E.Y.S. method is designed to encourage joyful music making no matter your level of experience.

For a musical journey that hits all the right notes, start today.

Who is Takenya Battle?

Takenya Battle introduces kids and adults to the magic of music-making and performance through personalized piano and vocal coaching programs. This Army Veteran and 2-time #1 best selling author’s music instruction couples classic wisdom with today’s technology.

The Chief Treble Maker routinely helps students to boost their confidence, master their favorite instrument, and unleash their inner superstar.

As the Owner/Operator of Kenya’s Keys Voice & Piano Studio, she also provides personal consulting to fellow studio owners and writes custom music for other small business owners.

Takenya is also a two time, #1 Best Selling Author.  She wrote “Is My Child Ready for Music Lessons?:  A Guide for Parents” and “10 Reasons Why Piano Scales are Important”.

What Are Your Rates?

Gone are the days of paying “by the lesson”.  Monthly tuition is all-inclusive and even includes performance opportunities at no additional cost.  Find our current tuition rates here. 

What’s Your Policy?

Yes, there are some guidelines we follow.  There is structure to the organized chaos that may sometimes be present during lessons.  Get all the details here.

Where Can I Find a Piano?

Having a piano or keyboard is highly important in helping you pursue your passion for music.  Check out our post here to find a piano or keyboard for every budget.  Find the keyboard or piano of your dreams and follow the links to have a Kenya’s Keys approved instrument delivered right to your door!

Can We Try Before We Buy?

We greatly encourage exploring what we have to offer in a one on one setting.  This can be done virtually, in person, or you can drop in on a class in session.  We call this initial meet and greet a Keynote Klass.  Learn more here.

I'm Ready to Make Some Great Music!

Your next steps to making great music are right at your fingertips!