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You’ll find the right sized piano or keyboard for a range of budgets to help you make a more well informed purchase that matches or exceeds your needs.


Acoustic vs Digital vs Hybrid

An acoustic piano is the real deal, Holyfield. Inside of the wooden encased box are felt covered wooden hammers and steel strings. When you press one of the 88 keys on the outside, the hammers inside strike the strings. Our ears hear those vibrations as music. There are certain movements, expressions, nuances, and techniques that are more easily mastered on an acoustic piano.

A digital piano is an electronic copy of an acoustic piano. The ability to record, use software, incorporate the sounds of other instruments like strings or drums, ease of portability, and volume control make digital pianos more sensible to the average entry level musician.

A hybrid piano is a blend of the acoustic and digital. The hammers inside this instrument produce sounds electronically. Hybrid pianos take up less space than an acoustic piano. They also don’t have to be tuned 1-2 times a year like acoustic pianos do. You also won’t find an extensive sound library like that of the digital piano. The hybrid is more focused on giving you the feel of the mechanism of an acoustic piano while also providing you with some of the advantages of using a digital piano.

For Temple/Belton Locals

If you already own an acoustic piano, have one that’s been gently loved on and need it moved, or are looking to find the perfect piano technician to tune your piano, look no further than using the excellent and detailed services provided by Wayne’s Piano Service.  He is our go-to guy at Kenya’s Keys and will do everything in his power to provide you with a beautiful sounding piano that’s also very aesthetically pleasing.

How Many Keys

If you choose the digital piano route, 88 keys are optimal as you’ll have the same number of keys as an acoustic or hybrid piano right at your fingertips. Alternatively, there are 76-key or 61-key digital pianos available across several price points. As students progress, I have seen them upgrade their 61-key or 76-key digital pianos for one with 88 keys. The goal here is to begin. So buy what’s comfortable for you in this moment. You can always upgrade later. Affiliate links used below.

Digital Pianos

Touch Sensitive, Touch Response or Velocity Sensitive-  “Touch sensitive” and the related terms mean that you can get loud sounds and soft sounds from the keyboard by pressing the key faster or slower. Although a touch sensitive keyboard is the least ideal, it DOES respond to touch to some degree, BUT there is no “weight” behind the keys. That means that the keys can’t be used to effectively practice the kinds of techniques that are true to performing on a real piano. It just doesn’t FEEL the same in the fingers, wrists, and arms. 

Semi-weighted, Hammer Action, or Stage Piano-  These “weighted” keys feel more like the real thing. That means that not only will this keyboard respond to touch for louder and softer sounds, but the keys better mimic actual play of an acoustic piano. This instrument will make a great practice instrument for a while, but keep in mind you may need to upgrade in about 1-2 years, as you grow in your musical abilities.

Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61 Key Portable Keyboard with Built In Speakers, Headphones, Microphone, Piano Stand, Music Rest and Stool

YAMAHA PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard Bundle With Stand And Power Supply

YAMAHA P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano With Sustain Pedal And Power Supply (Amazon-Exclusive)

Yamaha YDP-S34 Arius Series Slim Digital Console Piano, Black Walnut With Power Supply And Sustain Pedal, Black

YAMAHA P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano With Power Supply And Sustain Pedal, Black

Casio Privia PX780 88 Key Digital Stage Piano

Accessories for Digital Pianos

These accessories help maintain good posture and ease comfort while playing the keys.

Keyboard Stand

Comfortable Bench

Pedal for Holding Out Notes