A note to studio families who have extended grace during this family emergency.  Thank you for the kind words and gestures extended to my own family.  Please watch the video to see my remedy for missed lessons.  Choose either a video tutorial for the missed lesson or 20% off next month’s (August 2020) tuition.


Rate Freeze

Rates will remain frozen through the end of 2020.  Annual enrollment fees are due in September.  Current rates, fees, and policy can be found here.

TLC in Every Lesson

I love being able to bring a semblance of peace – pandemic or not – into the lives of everyone who steps through our virtual doors.  My proprietary TLC formula helps to ensure all students have the opportunity to progress at their own pace during group lessons.

The high notes of this TLC formula include using tech and equipment setup for
optimal success (the T), incorporating learning tools and apps for teaching
concepts & theory (the L) and relying on collaboration and creativity tools &
software (the C). 

Every piece of the formula works in tandem with the way I push to reimagine the online music education space.  I want every moment of every lesson to be intentionally impactful on student success.

New Tech

In the spirit of keeping time with today’s technologies while still leveraging traditional musical knowledge, We’re adding Musico to our K.E.Y.S. program. I envision using this tool as a means to push student creativity and elevate musicality.  More details to come next month.

Fall Scheduling

As schools make their plans for the start of the 2020-2021 school year and are considering in-person, online, and hybrid options, we’re here to reassure you that we will still host regularly scheduled weekly lessons. 

Once school plans have been made clear, you’ll receive an email that allows you to select a class offering day and time for Fall lessons.  This email will be sent during our routine close date between August 17-21. 

Priority scheduling is offered to families who receive summer lessons and/or paid the annual enrollment fee by July 2020.

Fall scheduling will begin the week the week of August 24, 2020.