Kidzrock is ready to make some noise!

This is the image your child has in their imagination as they are banging on your pots and pans, singing into their hairbrush, and making those rubber band guitars.  In their mind, they are making THE most awesome music for an audience of thousands of their biggest fans.  They are totally rockin’ out!  Kidzrock gives you the ability to give your child that experience right now.  Your child may not be selling out Madison Square Garden right now, but playing the drums, keyboard, and guitar in a real rock band right now could certainly ignite the fire to your child’s desires.

Kidzrock is an exciting music program that teaches your child, even ones as young as 4, how to play an instrument in the setting of a rock band.  Band members rotate on drums, electric guitar, and keyboard as they prepare to sing and play in an end-of-session concert.

Each band sings and performs songs featured on the Kidzrock CD. Your sweet little rocker will learn how to read color-coded standard music notation while playing on modified instruments for her smaller sized hands.

The Kidzrock songbook is comprised of instrumental rock songs written specifically for the program. Easy-to-play songs allow these young music makers immediate access to performing and singing in a rock band.

The innovative program creates a unique experience by combining instruments, theory, singing, performing as a group and rock ‘n’ roll fantasy into a jamming good time that brings out the noteworthy superstar inside. All instruments are provided by Kenya’s Keys and there are NO practice expectations outside of class.

Curiosity and imagination often motivate your budding artist to learn how to play an instrument. Within a few weeks, Kidzrock allows a child to experience the ultimate musical accomplishment- singing, playing, and performing in a rock band.

This may very well be your child’s first experience playing real instruments making real music. Kidzrock is the perfect introduction and foundation to help lay the groundwork that ensures your sweet child enjoys the thrill of success when playing and singing well with others.

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