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Online Music Lessons from Temple, TX

Tap into your hidden talents and play to the tune of your heart with piano lessons that take you from wondering where Middle C is to eloquently playing classics to making jams on the fly.

Private lessons are by invitation only and are offered those with exceptional abilities who consistently practice 1-2 hrs daily at the exclusion of other activities. Personal preference to private lessons over group lessons may be considered if scheduling allows. Group lessons are designed to expand your music experience with fellow emerging Superstars.

In Every Pro Piano Lesson

Tap into your hidden talents and play to the tune of your heart with piano lessons that take you from “woe”  to “wow” with a pro by your side. Use the fundamentals to find the song in your heart and play more than the notes on the page.

In Every Melodic Vocal Lesson

You’ll find the happy place for YOUR voice from the warm ups to the wind-down.  Engaging ear training exercises will elevate you to the status of a vibrant vocalist who is prepared to captivate your audience as you command the stage.

 Your Success is Our Success

Baby step your way to your dreams and desires.  We are here to help you achieve your goals.  We’ll build your skills with personalized and proven techniques that you’ll find quite valuable.

Your Style, Your Way

Whether Bollywood, Symphonic Metal, Bach, Pop and anything in between- feel free to dive into and discover new music. Your unique interests are welcomed here.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are super convenient and still give you the full experience of direct and dependable instruction. Success is still attainable using today’s technology to enhance the learning experience.

How to Enroll

Billing & Scheduling

Fons is for scheduling and automated payments. It will automatically charge your card or bank account at the appropriate time.
How It Works:
You’ll receive an email from Click the link to create your account. On your payment date, Fons will automatically process your payment and send you a receipt.

Join Your Lesson

Login to Muzie.Live at your lesson time. Lessons are recorded for your reference.
How It Works:
Create your account at Select “student” and then enter the instructor code, “SUPERSTAR”.

24/7 Lessons

Record your singing and playing directly from your device, enjoy continuous learning opportunities with searchable lessons, and find teacher designed lessons customized just for you. This provides 24/7 music lesson access that eliminates the need for make up lessons.
How It Works:

Create your account at

Select “student”, then enter the passcode, “9e12fa”.


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