Materials and Products

Looking for the materials most often used and recommended for your lesson?  You can purchase those items here.  The following products and materials are recommended by Kenya’s Keys, LLC because these items have greatly benefitted and enhanced the music instruction we deliver.  Kenya’s Keys, LLC will not recommend anything that has not been thoroughly vetted or used.  It is our goal and pleasure to deliver you a high-quality and high-value experience.

Books written by Takenya Battle include:

“Is My Child Ready for Music Lessons?  A Guide for Parents” is written by Takenya Battle.  This book has been a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon since it’s debut publication.  You’ll find amazing coverage of music experiences to share with your child that span from before a child is born all the way through young adulthood.  Please leave a review of the book once you have read it!

For the curious 4-year-old.

For the eager school aged child.

For the entry level teen or adult.

For the singers and players.

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