Celebrations & Reflections

Celebrations and reflections are here in May. Our Spring Recital made me cry- AGAIN! Mother’s Day, graduation season, and Memorial Day let us contemplate the past, celebrate the present, and consider the future. I invite you to peruse the path Kenya’s Keys has been on, where the studio currently is, and where we’re headed.

In the Past…

The Kenya’s Keys you see today began, in part, when I was in the 4th grade and simply wanted to take the same class as my twin cousins. We agreed on taking a piano class offered during the school day. We would share a piano bench and our legs weren’t yet long enough for our feet to even touch the ground. I celebrate Allison Hicks for giving me my very first piano lesson.

The irony of it all is when I started piano lessons I didn’t have an instrument to practice on for quite some time. You know who DID have a piano? My grandparents! I celebrate the matriarchs who were able to mightily mind the gap for me. To my grandmothers, Nevora Hobbs and Fannie Mae Freeney, I celebrate your unending support that surpasses this realm.


I hold many credentials and titles. Among them are:

  • Cum laude graduate of Florida A&M University, B.S. Music Education
  • Texas certified music educator for all levels of music instruction
  • Song leader emeritus, Theta Nu Chapter, Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity for Women, Inc
  • Master Certificate in Music Production & Technology, Berklee College of Music Online
  • Chief Treble Maker at Kenya’s Keys, LLC

Other lesser known talents include:

  • Craft original tunes for businesses to use in their YouTube channels, podcasts, etc.
  • Help fellow music teachers harmonize technology with their teaching

In the Future…

Upcoming closures are scheduled for:

  • May 31-June 4
  • July 1-July 6
  •  August 16-20

Lessons are provided year round and continue throughout the Summer from June-August. Summer Lessons are given from Tuesday through Thursday. Priority scheduling for next Fall is provided to Superstars who participate in any preceding Summer Lessons offering.

Opting out of Summer Lessons? Just pay the annual Enrollment Fee by June 1 to receive priority scheduling for the upcoming Fall. The annual Enrollment Fee is $30 for one Superstar and $50 for a family of Superstars.

Final Notes

Beginning this September, tuition rates will increase by $10-$15 for most offerings.

We believe that music lessons should be accessible for all children and for several years we have partnered with The MusicLink Foundation in order to make that happen.

Families must prove a financial hardship in order to qualify for this program.