Discover How to Strike the Right Chord with Your
Online Music Lessons So You Can Finally Teach in the Key of Easy

You’re out there trying to deliver the best online music education to your students, but the time spent trying to figure out tech apps like Zoom and mismatched lesson books just doesn’t add up.

Listen, I know you’re ready to offer the best instruction to your students. That’s why I created The Music Teacher Tech Course, and it’s everything you need to make your lessons pop.

Hey, I’m Takenya Battle, Chief Treble Maker at Kenya’s Keys. I help music educators move from low tech to “heck, yes” so they can couple classic music wisdom with today’s technology to seamlessly integrate tech in their instruction and teach in the key of easy.

The Key of Easy Course is a 10-week intensive with weekly online sessions and assignments that will show you how to “bring it” while using tech in engaging ways and without losing sound pedagogy in the process.

Now, keep in mind, this course is NOT for everybody. It’s for music instructors (especially those who desire to teach better online) and music studio owners who are ready to nail down exact systems to teach programs and run the back office with success.

Spots are limited to just a few qualified music educators to make sure class size stays intimate enough to ensure every participant gets the personal attention they need to excel.

WARNING: The Key of Easy Course kicks off Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at a super low rate. Now, if you think you have plenty of time to join us later, please know that when we I reopen the doors to the Key of Easy Course, the price will be much higher.

So, if you want a clear path for choosing an incredible curriculum, planning successful lessons, and using smart digital tools for a musical student experience that sings your praises, don’t wait- SEE IF YOU QUALIFY!

Music educators who qualify for the Key of Easy Course will be granted special access to the content that takes you from woes to wins on repeat.

There are 6 modules in the Key of Easy Course. Each module contains videos, pdfs, and other content designed to provide you with a clear path for choosing an incredible curriculum, planning successful lessons, and using smart digital tools for a music student experience that sings your praises.

In the Introduction, we’ll prepare our minds to be most receptive to creating success by design. You’ll learn how to F.L.O.W. and move through these modules with purpose driven focus.

The Teacher Tech Tools module provides you the time saving tech tools that tackle back end tasks like scheduling, reminders, practice trackers- all the bells and whistles that get your business back office in sync so you can spend more time teaching and less time on administrative tasks.

In the Essential & Expanded Hardware module, we’ll cover just that- the bare bones minimum and the totally tricked out tech that best serves your dream set up.

In the Apps & Software module you’ll get the best student tech tools and music apps to reinforce concepts and make learning easier.

The Curriculum Considerations module taps into my simple, yet effective method of selecting curriculum and studio software, so your instruction hits the right key with your students every time.

The Hone Your Skills module is where you’ll apply all you’ve learned and conduct a mock-mini lesson to get experience using your new methods.

If you notice, the first letter in each module spells I Teach. I know you’re ready to offer the best instruction to your students. The Key of Easy Course has everything you need to make your lessons pop, SEE IF YOU QUALIFY to be accepted to the Key of Easy Course.