Overhead Camera Set-Up is as Simple as 1-2-3

Setting up an overhead camera view of your hands on the piano or keyboard is critical, especially for beginners.

This visual support helps to show your students exactly what finger goes where when.

An overhead view also allows you to demonstrate any technical applications that add to the musicality of the piece currently being worked on.

You can even show your silly side and create a visual and aural story that moves across the keys. As your beginners explore and create you can take this opportunity to further explain keyboard geography to help budding pianists become better acquainted with the keys.

Overhead View Using a Web Camera

Tools you’ll need:

  • Video Camera/Digital Recorder Adapter
  • Boom Mic Stand
  • Web Camera

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Steps to take:

  • Step 1- Attach the adapter to your web camera
  • Step 2- Attach the adapter and web camera to your boom mic stand
  • Step 3- Position the web camera over your piano or keyboard

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