When you lose students, you lose revenue. Throw in a global pandemic and watch your stress levels increase- or not. Pivot for profit to protect your peace.  Look at those two up there in that pic looking all peaceful and what not.  That could be you.

Right Now

The entire world is experiencing a global pandemic.  Daily operations have changed.  What you were able to do 6 weeks ago may look a lot more different today.  The way you went to the grocery store and ran other personal errands has changed.  The way you run your business has to change.  For some of you, this may be no sweat off your brow. For some of you, this may mean jumping whole body into a freezing swimming pool versus just dipping your toe in the water to test things out.

There are so many unanswerable questions out there at the moment, but let’s just start with what you know.  You know music is still being made daily all across the world in spite of the current circumstances. You’ve seen the videos like the “He’s Got The Whole World” challenge go viral.  (That link takes you to my big sister Carolyn’s banging vocal and piano arrangement.  Do yourself a favor and check out a level of musicianship that continues to blow my mind. Then come back over here and finish reading and commenting on this blog post.)

Take what you know and pivot the delivery.  Here are the K.E.Y.S. to helping you pivot for profit so you can protect your peace.


K.E.Y.S. to Pivot for Profit

  • Know what you know
  • Expand the reach of what you know
  • You x 2 (Duplicate yourself)
  • Simplify and refine

Know What You Know

There are some critical things you have to define first before you move forward.  You don’t want to just be throwing things at an unknown target and hope like heck that they stick.  That’s a total time suck. Be specific in beginning with the end result in mind.

  1. Know what your purpose is.
  2. Know what it means to pivot your purpose.
  3. Know who your people are.
  4. Know where your people are.


Expand the Reach of What You Know

You’re already talking about what you know to somebody- your industry peers, your loved ones, your fur babies.  Whoever has a listening ear, let them hear, right?   You might as well capture the ear of a captive audience in a controlled environment.  You don’t own Facebook or Instagram or YouTube but you can absolutely control the information you share using those platforms and more.  Try using:

  1. Blog posts (like this one, glad you’re here)
  2. Podcasts (coming soon)
  3. Video (hello, YouTube)
  4. Social media (hello, FB and IG)

You x 2 (Duplicate Yourself)

This is where you systemize and organize what you know in ways that keep you from having to repeatedly do the same things over and over and over again.  Things you should consider systemizing include:

  1. Emails 
  2. Payments
  3. Scheduling follow up phone calls
  4. Content delivery

Simplify and Refine

“Imperfect action is better than perfect procrastination.” I read that in a Facebook post the other day.  *Insert sarcasm* We all know FB is the great and wise oracle of all things known to man and woman. *Turn off sarcasm* Honestly, that statement motivated me to do the things I’ve been putting off for months and years.  Do you hear me- YEARS! It truly disheartens me to think about all the time I didn’t do the things I knew I should’ve been doing in order to move my own business forward.  For yourself, be on the lookout for hitches in your giddy-up as you work through the above mentioned K.E.Y.S. steps.

  1. Clarify what you know in concise relatable language
  2. Focus on one thing at a time
  3. Give yourself a deadline to get it done
  4. Remove what isn’t working well and consider a replacement

New Ebook Release Offer

Pivot for Profit Sample

Did this blog get you all fired up and ready to do something right now?  Are you willing to reveal the most vulnerable aspects of your business desires so you can Face Everything And Rise (F.E.A.R.)? 

Okay, great!  What’s that you say?  You’re juuuuust not quite ready to make a purchase?  How about I make things easier for you and share just one page from the ebook.  If you find this single sheet to be of great value to you, consider purchasing the entire Pivot for Profit ebook.


Pivot for Profit Ebook

This ebook is for the music studio owner, music teacher, or independent music instructor who is not content with the current state of affairs and dares to move your dreams to action.  No need to convince you to take the next step.  That’s what you’re here for. Go ahead- click the link below and get your Pivot for Profit Ebook.
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