Is your child ready for music lessons?

Find out if your Superstar is ready to rock.

Maybe you have noticed your child:

  • Making up songs to sing or play without being asked to do so
  • Totally jamming HARD when a certain song comes on
  • Mimicking other performers and then creating original moves
  • Reaching their own personal zen through the sheer joy of music-making 

Is your child ready for music lessons?

Ultimately, you’re the expert on YOUR child. While you may NOT have birthed the next Beyoncé or Michael Bublé, you ARE raising an original insert your child’s name here. There can only be ONE.

Empower your decision making and easily determine the next steps for you and your Superstar with the Top 10 Questions Parents Ask.

I’m Takenya Battle, The Chief Treble Maker. My 20+ years of expertise of growing more than 11K Superstars has given me front row seats to the questions parents ask most frequently.

Click below to answer the Top 10 Questions Parents Ask with a “Yes” or “No” and assess your “Yes” Factor. You’ll also get the bonus, 30 Tips for Parents, with easy-to-do-almost-anywhere music activities you and your Superstar can do today.