Let us Commence

School has begun, or will begin soon for many of our families.  There are new routines, schedules, and needs for us all to figure out.  While we are finding our paths through these next few weeks of newness, don’t forget that we share a common goal.  Success!  We want ourselves and our children to be successful.

Success is a fluid goal.  Some days it may mean all mouths have been fed and all bodies have been cleaned and clothed. Other days, success may mean looking forward to tomorrow as you try to get through today.

Shall we recommit to success daily in whatever form it may come?  Remember, we adults were once children too, except we never had to endure many of the things our children are experiencing today.  Let’s do our best to lead with love.

One Link

When we moved wholly online in March, many of us were dancing as fast as we could- myself included. In retrospect, I see some things can now be done more easily.  With that being said, all online music lessons will use the same link to join. 

Previously, there was one link for every single lesson, then one link for every teaching day of the week.  Now, there will be only one link.  This link can be found here.

A reminder text/email containing the link information is also sent 24 hours before your scheduled lesson depending on your settings in My Music Staff.

As always, there is no password or login to remember to access your regularly scheduled online music lessons.  Just click to join!

Policy Reminder

Per policy, we have eliminated the need for make up lessons.  Should you miss the occasional lesson, simply log in to your Musico account to access a prerecorded music lesson at your convenience.


We will be closed September 7-11. Please adjust your calendars accordingly. Click here to download the 2020/2021 Kenya’s Keys Calendar.

Upcoming Virtual Recital

Please save the date of Saturday, October 24th as our next performance opportunity. In order to ensure that all students have any sheet music and/or backing tracks they may need in a timely fashion, the deadline for song selections is September 11.

Students can choose to perform a song from their lesson books, Piano Maestro, or a popular tune.  As always, performances are never required, but highly encouraged.  We are committed to helping every student unleash his/her inner superstar!

New Staff Member

Please hold space in your hearts for our incoming new piano teacher. A private family matter has arisen.  She has over 30 years experience as an educator and is certainly worth waiting for during this time of transition for her family.

Final Notes

Some of you may have seen an additional charge on September’s invoice.  It is the annual enrollment fee that helps cover the cost of sheet music, access to apps like Piano Maestro, and lesson books delivered to your door or mailbox among other related business expenses.  The charge is $30/student or $50/family.

We believe that music lessons should be accessible for all children and for several years we have partnered with The MusicLink Foundation in order to make that happen.

Families must prove a financial hardship in order to qualify for this program.