Spread Love!

At Kenya’s Keys, LLC this month, we’re focusing on several ways to spread love through music. Our young ones will be analyzing a different love song during their lessons and our mature musicians can delight in the details of notable musicians born in February. How are you going to spread love this month? You’ll find some ideas we hope you’ll absolutely LOVE listed below.

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Amy C. finds out this month if she made the cut for America’s Got Talent. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Random Acts of Kindness

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day, but we’re not waiting til the 17th to be nice! During the entire month of February, please share a pic or write a post detailing your Random Acts of Kindness on Facebook. Be sure to use #KenyasKeys (no spaces) in your post and your account will kindly be credited $1! Thank you!
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Falling in Love with Music

We’ll be spreading the love all month long by falling in love with notable musicians who just happen to be born in February. Take a look at the artists represented on your next visit to Kenya’s Keys, LLC. See if one of your favorites is on the studio wall!

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Love Songs

Our youngsters will analyze several love songs as part of the music listening activity during their music lessons this month. Click below to check out the first song we’re listening to, “Someone to Watch Over Me”, as performed by none other than Ella Fitzgerald. Thanks to George and Ira Gershwin for creating this classic gem!

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Bring a Loved One to Music

Bring a loved one to music as we use our hearts to connect with music and craft THREE beautiful keepsakes for someone special. $15/child for the general public. $10/child for Kenya’s Keys families. 20% discount for each additional child. Limit 10 children. Reserve your spot today!

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For Love of Music Concert

What’s your favorite love song? Join us at Arusha Coffee, February 18 at 5 PM. Maybe our very own vibrant vocalists and polished pianists will play or sing it for you. If you’ve attended our concerts here in the past, you already know that this is just about my FAVORITE thing to bear witness to. You guys are so awesome and I LOVE YA!
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