Unleash Your Inner Superstar

Welcome to the Superstar Experience at Kenya’s Keys where we provide personalized piano and vocal instruction designed to help you unleash your inner Superstar. So, what exactly is the Superstar Experience?  What does it look like? What does it include?

Professional Musician Educators

Whether in a group or one-on-one, your weekly music lesson at Kenya’s Keys is delivered by a greatly experienced and highly qualified subject matter expert. Our staff of Treble Makers not only command mastery of their instruments, they also expand their experience as they mentor and coach our emerging Superstars.

The Online Experience

When it’s time for your voice or piano lesson, Superstars log in to an online platform. It’s like Zoom- but way better!

This platform is designed specifically for music instruction. Muzie.live allows Superstars to interact with one another in real time using the chat feature, create together on the music whiteboard, and provide positive peer pressure for one another as they share music straight from their hearts.

Every lesson is recorded in Muzie.live and can be accessed anytime for Superstars to review concepts and ideas at their convenience.

Online Group Piano Sample

How To Set Up Muzie.live

Go to https://www.muzie.studio/signup to create your account.

During the signup process, select “student” and when prompted to enter the instructor code, use the code “SUPERSTAR”.

Log in to your account to access the online lesson portal.

Beyond the Weekly Lesson

To further amplify the Superstar Experience at Kenya’s Keys, we provide additional carefully curated personalized content that complements the weekly music lesson. Each Superstars’ timeline is filled with practice videos, backing tracks, and other material composed to maximize finesse and fine tune Superstar talents.

Superstars can also record their singing and playing and receive feedback in Musicio.io. Learn more about Musico.io here.

Musico.io Assignment Sample