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I’ve worked with Takenya in the same school district for many years.  She is an outstanding music teacher.  She has received high respect from her former students and colleagues in Dallas.  She is well qualified to teach music in any school.

Terry Z.

My vocal session went very well.  Takenya had prepared materials based on my needs.  She advised specific areas to focus on to improve my tone and prepare for a performance.  She is knowledgeable in singing and also personable and encouraging  in reaching student’s goals. Alice A.

Very astute musician and awesome performer.  Highly recommended.

Demond L.

Her vocal skills are outstanding.  Not only does she have a great voice, but she also has a great ear for music, which is important for harmony and blending.  She definitely works and plays well with others!

Michael H.

I have performed and rehearsed with Takenya on many occasions.  She is a dedicated educator and a passionate musician.  What a joy to be around!

Brent M.

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