Your Superstar Toolkit

This toolkit has everything you need to make your Superstar Experience at Kenya’s Keys as meaningful as possible. These online resources form a system of simplicity and efficiency by placing all your tools at your fingertips.

  • Music lessons are delivered on
  • Update billing info on
  • Extended lessons are delivered on
  • Piano Maestro app to listen to you sing/play your favorite songs

Join Your Music Lesson

Step 1: Create your account at

Step 2: Select “student”.

Step 3: Enter the instructor code, “SUPERSTAR”.

Update Your Info

Extended Lesson

Step 1: Create your account at

Step 2: Select “student”.

Step 3: Enter the passcode, “9e12fa”.

Piano Maestro App

Piano Maestro “listens” to you sing or play along with traditional and popular tunes, then gives you a star rating.

Piano Maestro helps our Superstars to master sight-reading and rhythm.

All Superstars who have iPadOS 9.0 or later have access to this tech tool that is useful for both pianists AND vocalists. Use the video tutorials below to answer the most common questions asked about getting started with Piano Maestro.

If you indicated you have an iPad at enrollment:

  • Your teacher will enter the email used at enrollment to sign you up for Piano Maestro
  • Download the Piano Maestro app from the Apple App Store
  • Use the search to enter your teacher’s name and connect with our studio account (Kenya’s Keys)
  • You’ll receive email updates from JoyTunes, the creator of Piano Maestro

Connect to Your Teacher

Connect (Status Pending)

Connect to MIDI

Helpful Reminders

  • A reminder auto text/email is sent 24 hrs before your scheduled lesson.
  • Hands on the keys must be observable for piano students.
  • Charge your device.
  • Grab a writing tool.
  • Have help close by for little ones in case they need it.
  • Missed or can’t make your regular lesson time?  Visit for your personalized assignment.
  • Call 254-300-8096 if you need immediate assistance entering your lesson.

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