James Brown.  Luciano Pavarotti.  Soul Brother Number One.  The King of the High C’s.  Big P.  Mr. Please, Please, Please.  Fat Lucy.  Mr. Dynamite.  Big Luciano.  These two fellas couldn’t have been more different, yet more alike.  One is the founding father of funk music and the other is an unmatched bel canto tenor.  One is known for “I Got Ants in My Pants” and the other is known for “Nessun Dorma”.    The picture I’m trying to paint for you is one of universes existing in their own realms and never really getting the chance to co-mingle.  Well one day, these universes collided and the reverberation of that impact can be felt in the video here.  Go ahead and take it all in as James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti sing “It’s a Man’s Word”.  I hope you guys enjoy!