Virtual Recitals Made Easy

As a music educator, are you able to offer the learning experience you’ve traditionally provided and fully use technology to support your students?

Now, before you answer I realize the music industry has been turned upside down in recent months. And due to the ongoing pandemic that continues to affect all of our daily lives, it has become increasingly difficult for performers to showcase their work in a traditional setting.

Gone are the days of piano recitals and live concert – at least, for now. And while this is an unfortunate reality, it gives us the opportunity to find new, engaging ways to share the gift of music with the world.

Now, more than ever, people need music. It serves as the one constant that continues to foster connection and joy. And while we can all agree there is a certain magic that exists with live performances, it’s important to note the virtual medium for sharing music has its perks too.

For one, there’s fewer overhead costs. No need to rent a space, organize concessions, and so on. And, another great thing about providing virtual music events is you can serve a much large audience. Given the flexibility and
shareability, it’s easier to garner attendees.

You see, the bottom line is your students deserve to share their talents with their community. They put so much time and energy into their craft and miss being able to share their hard work with loved ones. As trying as it might seem sometimes, instilling a sense of normalcy and continuing with traditions is essential for our students’ future success.

With this goal in mind, Kenya’s Keys Voice & Piano Studio is hosting a FREE webinar to provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully integrate virtual recitals into your online curriculum.

By participating in the webinar, you’ll find out how to:

• Find the best streaming platform for you and your studio
• Seamlessly blend live and prerecorded performances into your virtual recital
• Broadcast your virtual recital across multiple popular platforms
• Harmoniously set up multi-camera views
• Display live comments from the audience during the virtual recital
• Avoid tech pitfalls with a backup plan
• Easily make memorable performances with just a few mouse clicks
• Engage the audience in the virtual recital to create an experience your
student will never forget

Oh, and one more thing … What we’ll reveal during the webinar has been shared at the university level and continues to receive praise for its easy-to-implement approach and valuable information.

So, in exchange for a small investment of your time, you’ll unlock the tools you need to successfully and seamlessly run your own virtual recitals.

And together, the music community can pivot and approach the surrounding circumstances with innovation, exploration and optimism. Register for this must-attend FREE webinar to find out how you can do your part to help the music industry sing again.

WARNING: Please be aware that virtual seats are first come first serve, so go claim your spot today (before it’s too late).

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