Is This You in 2021?

It could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard. Did you catch that Lauryn Hill reference or did it just fly over your head? No worries- let’s move on.

Anyway, lately I’ve come across more than a handful of music educators who (lean in closely, so I can whisper the tea in your ear) DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE! Yes, I just yelled in all caps. 

Why on Mary had a little lamb is this the state of the union for some of our fellow music educators? I don’t have the answers to that one, but I do have 8 reasons why you need a website.

It’s Professional

If teaching music is the thing you do not because it’s a pastime, but because it’s your passion, then you need a website. Make it official and get that website!

Cause Google

The first thing a lead is likely to do when looking for music lessons is Google “music lessons near me” or some derivative thereof. Are you tryna be found or not? Make it easier for your ideal families to find you.

Toot Your Horn

Give the people what they want. Show them why you’re the answer to their question. Use copy (persuasive messaging and imagery) to attract the kinds of families you’d love to have and repel the ones you’d rather not have as long term learners in your studio.

Display Value

Flaunt those testimonials that educate leads on the benefits others have received from your services. Let the words of your past and current families draw new families to your business.

Real Estate

Your website is real estate you control. No need to concern yourself with Facebook or Instagram algorithms that can bury or block your posts.

Maps Matter

Google and Apple listings are free and easy to create. Why do you need one? So your dream families can find you! Use the listing on Google or Apple Maps to point your perfect family directly to your website.

Simple Setup

Trouble-free templates have made it easier than ever to remove your cloak of invisibility and put your virtual foyer front and center. Your website is often the first touch point of your next customer. Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress have step-by-step instructions that will have your website all shiny and polished in no time flat.

You’re Unique

Can anyone teach someone how to play an instrument or sing? Sadly, yes. Can anyone teach someone how to play an instrument or sing the way you do? Gladly, no. Lift your own voice in a seemingly crowded arena and show your target audience exactly who you are and what you have to offer them.

Final Notes

I am not a website expert, but I do happen to know a few.

This is a music educator and well, Web Maestra! She KNOWS what she’s doing and can help you be awesome on the interwebs.

Lem Mobley of is a web designer, graphics designer, and creative expert. He also happens to be the guy who created my logo.

Apryl Beverly of is an expert copywriter whose talents grace the pages of my own website. She crafts content based on what I send her and makes it sound like the words are coming directly out of MY mouth, but waaaaaaaaaaaay better!

So, stop your procrastination and get to getting on making this happen, TODAY!

Until next time, Superstar!

P.S. If you’re looking to discover how to strike the right chord with your music lessons so you can finally teach with tech in the key of easy, click here to schedule a free phone call with me, The Chief Treble Maker.